Oliver Lavery-Farag
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As British Telecom once said "It's good to talk". Of course this was the days before mobile phones and it was clear shallow attempt of a massive conglomerate company trying to entice innocent citizens into a small run down little red box which contained a stench so foul that it could send a yak crazy during mating season. However we don't need phone boxes anymore we have the information-super-highway at our fingertips, going back to the good old days of correspondence where it could take two days for someone to even acknowledge that you had even tried to contact them at all. Outstanding.

If you would like to send me a messege, please do, even if it's as simple as to say that you liked one of the films [I like hearing praise; it makes me feel good] or maybe you might have some sort of work and that's all good too.

You can send an email to: mail@oliverlaveryfarag.com

As soon as you click the send button the e-mail will been sent at the speed of light shone through fibre optics where it will reach my inbox and sit there... waiting. As I can not operate at these speeds you must forgive me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Alternativley you can check me out on imdb, facebook or follow me on twitter.