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I have often found that most showreels are an individual's fight to rescue whatever work they have already broken their back over trying to create and cram it into a box small enough so that someone will click play, and mine is no different. So let me take you on this editor's logistical nightmare and maybe in a fit of impulse you might consider seeing more of this man and his shameless self-promotion, so please be my guest.

Clicking play on a trailer that distils my identity into a montage will bring you happiness and laughter and joy. Please expect it in two to three working days.

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Not content with directing all of the films on this site, I have also written most of them as well. So if you want to see the spelling mistakes and a transcript of stuff that wasn't good enough to make it into the final films you can give them a read.

But honestly, I like having the scripts here. All the films have changed from writing to completion and I think it's interesting to see how the films have progressed. So if you're interested about how the films were originally planned out there is a link next to each video for you to click on.

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Orion Powell is the singer in a band called City of Ashes and we have worked together a few films now, okay maybe it's more than a few films, maybe our showreels could be the exactly the same with only the titles changed.

Anyway, Ori calls me up one day and says he needs a music video. Then we got togther and shoot some pretty good stuff, quickly shot another one straight after that and the rest was history. Give them a listen and if you like their stuff you can check out their music on iTunes.

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All the shorts on the website have been created with little or no money and people always ask me how do you get such product value out of no money? Well I don't have any money. Maybe that's not really the answer they were looking for.

However, if you would like to give me some money please get in touch and I will make that very easy for you. If, like me, you don't have any money then just sit back and enjoy the films, because in my opinion I think their pretty good and that's a fact.